Stan Against Evil

Released: November 02, 2016
Runtime: 30 mins
Genres: Action, Comedy
Countries: USA
Actors: Janet Varney, John C McGinley

Stan Against Evil: An aging police sheriff who has recently lost his position due to an angry outburst begrudgingly joins an alliance with new sheriff, Evie Barret to battle angry demons haunting their small New Hampshire town.



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StanAgainstEvil S02E03 720p.mkv             
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StanAgainstEvil S02E04 720p.mkv             
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StanAgainstEvil S02E05 720p.mkv             
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StanAgainstEvil S02E06 720p.mkv             
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StanAgainstEvil S02E07 720p.mkv             
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StanAgainstEvil S02E08 720p.mkv 



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